A Touch Of Hillbilly

A Touch Of Hillbilly

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of the stallion A Touch of Hillbilly15/5/18. Our condolences to Anne and John in this tough time.


Sired by High Plains Hillbilly and out of R Touch Of Gold born on the 25 of August 1987 in New South Wales, Australia. Bred by Rose Rowlands, The now 30 yearold stallion owned by Anne & John Collumbell is happily retired at the their property at Maramarua. He has definitely left his mark on the Paint breed in New Zealand, siring over 50 registered progeny. Australia also have 37 registered by Billy in the PHAA studbook.

Newsletter Sept 17

He was imported into New Zealand in 1995 but not before he had a very successful show career in Australia. A 7x Australian national halterchampion and multiple champion under saddle, In total he bagged 66 points, 49 in halter, 12 in bridle path hack and 5 in western pleasure earning himself a register of merit in both halterand bridle path hack.
He proved himself a versatile stud in Australia before proving it again in a successful show career in New Zealand in the hands of Jan Sheehy whilst owned by the Marx family who brought him out to New Zealand.

Newsletter SeptR Touch Of Gold (Billys Dam)

Billy proved a great sire, his temperament, trainability and versatility shining through along with his great conformation and colour left a foal that was sure to be a stand out
in competition as well as a strong companion. He sired many a champion in western, English, halter, jumping and rodeo.

NewsHillbilly San Peppy

His progeny are atestament to him. Hillbilly’s San Peppy was PHANZ National Supreme English Ridden, A Touch Of Hillbilly Two is PHANZ National supreme halter champion and national all around and open pleasure champion also Hillbillys Milkybar Kid is PHANZ National all around and open pleasure champion.

NewsletterHillbilly Bon Fire

In Australia he left many successful progeny such as Hillbilly Bon Fire who earned 70 points and ROMs in halter and all around and went on to sire 34 progeny, Honky Tonk Man who earned 31 points and a ROM in halter who went on to sire 20,Holster Stylish Touch earned 57 points and ROMs in halter and pleasure, Emanjay Delicate Touch earned 105 points and many ROMs in all around as well as a superior award in halter and a distinction award. Another notable Australian son by the name of Holster Touch Me Not stood in Australia at Wakoda Paint Horses, he earned 63 points in the show pen in halter, English and western before standing at stud to sire 46 progeny. His owner Veronica Behctly says “Holster Touch Me Not is the sole reason we breed paint horses today. We believe that Holster gave the true meaning ‘All rounder’ Looks, Ability and above all a temperament that was second to none”.

NeHolster Touch Me Not

I never knew A Touch Of Hillbilly as a show horse nor do I remember him as a young horse or middle aged horse for that fact, He is older than me, young and ignorant that I am I never fully understood or appreciated what he had achieved, He is always the old white fella that is always munching away happily in his box when I go visit Anne & John. I
have however been lucky enough to be involved with some of his progeny and can
certainly agree he passes on his great temperament and conformation and his progeny prove again and again their trainability and versatility.

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A Touch Of Hillbilly Two                                 Anne & Hillbillys Touch
A sire proves himself not only in competition but in his progeny and I think we can all agree he has definitely proven himself a great individual, and sire that has left a great legacy for his progeny to carry on.

By Lindsey Osborne

Newsletter Sept 171

Hillbillys Milkybar Kid & A Touch Of Hillbilly Two

Messages of Condolence’s

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