Fees & Forms

Below are a list of the forms available. 

Simply click on the name of the form you require.

Adult $55.00

Family 115.00            Click here for Membership Application Form

Youth $22.00

Life $755.00

Registration Under 1 year old  $40.00     Click here for Registration form

Registration 1 Year & Over $60.00

Transfer of Registration $18.00    Click here for Transfer of Registration

Stallion Classification $220.00    Click here for Stallion Classification Request Form – Veterinary Certificate Form

Reservation of Stud Prefix $36.00   Click here for Brand & Stud Prefix Reservation form

Stallion Service Certificate Book $43.20 Click here for Stallion Service Book Application

Points Form No Charge    Click here for Points Form

Change of Name $110.00   Click here for Application for name change form

Reservation of Name $30.00   Click here for Name Reservation Form

Studbook $24.00   Click here for Application for Studbook

Photo Update or Duplicate Certificate $12.00 Click here for Photo Update/Duplicate Cert. Form

Notification of Death No Charge    Click here for Notification of Death

Notification of Gelding No Charge    Click here for Notification of Gelding Form

Notification of Lease $6.00       Click here for Lease Notification Form

Breeding Returns – Per mare $2.40      Click here for Stallion Breeding Return Form

Late Breeding Cert – $4.80 per quarter

Rulebook – $30.00  Click here for Application for Rulebook

Genotype (DNA) & 5 Panel Request Form

Submission Form For DNA, 5 panel and all genetic tests here at Massey  University NZ.
Hair Instructions For the correct way to pull hairs.