Buying a Paint Horse?

If you’re in the market for a Paint Horse, you want the buying process to run smoothly.   We’ve put together a handy check list for you, so you know what to check when considering purchasing your Paint Horse:

  • Is the foal/horse you’re purchasing registered? Make sure a registration certificate is requested from the person you are buying the foal/horse from at the time of purchase, if in doubt feel free to contact us to check
  • The owner needs to fill out a transfer form (download Transfer of Registration) from them to you. Send this form with the horse’s registration certificate to the office with the relevant fee.
  • Registering the foal/horse is the responsibility of the breeder of that progeny
  • If you purchase an unregistered Paint Horse don’t take it for granted this horse can be registered; registration may not be possible. Contact us to check what is needed if you are not sure at